Get ready for smartphone ring

Technology will never seize to amaze us and when it blends with fashion, then it gets even better. Wearable technology has increased in popularity and it seems to capture everyone’s attention and when you come to think about it, there is no wonder why. Take for example the smartphone ring and how you are able to take advantage of some of the most desired and needed functions without having to use the phone. Some might use it as a fashion ring, but its usability goes beyond.

Many people can’t get enough of smartphone watches and how usable and smart they really are, but just wait until you hear about the smartphone ring. You can have all the power wrapped around your finger and the best part is that it goes undetected, unless you want to showcase its features. Rings are worn by both men and women and they are highly appreciated jewelry pieces, partly because of their ease to combine with any outfit. Some people have an inclination for silver, while others for gold. Well, the fashion ring can be purchased in both colors.

There are many situations you may be aware of where using the phone is not always possible or not the best thing to do. You may have also faced situations where you felt that depending too much on your phone is not always a good idea. If you agree to these, please read on. The smartphone ring has some of the most desired features of phone, including applications, call-making and call-answering from the ring, being able to make emergency calls, setting up alarms and notifications and a lot more from the ring. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a fashion ring after all, meaning the ring will definitely match your style and the clothing you usually wear.

People are constantly looking for a way to make a statement and they go after the latest technology and find out everything about latest releases. Embrace yourself, as the smartphone ring is about to enter the market. Not just the technology used is to be appreciated, but also its design as well and how perfect it goes with your casual or elegant look. The fashion ring can be worn simply as a ring, but when you need extra features, you can be sure to find them all and more within the ring. You can fully control the ring however way you desire and finally have it all in one compact device.

Finally, the smart ring will not only help you be more organized and keep track of what is important, but will help control other devices at the same time, such as the TV and the mobile phone. What could you have asked for more? This can be a powerful, yet highly compact device that can be used for two purposes: technology and fashion. It might seem like a dream or a faraway sci-fi concept, but it is closer than you imagine and soon enough people will be able to wear it. You might have problems choosing colours, but that is strictly up to your personal preferences and sense of style.

Resource Box: Are you ready to embrace the concept of the smartphone ring? It shouldn’t be considered just a gadget, because the fashion ring will make sure to get you noticed.

A unique device blending fashion and technology

Wearable technology is the future forward and a worthy successor of the smartphone frenzy that the world swears by, at present. From watches to glasses to shoes, there already exists an impressive list of wearables and a lot more in the offing with innovators, scientists, tech geeks and designers working as a team. iSmartRing, a smart finger ring stands out among the host of devices due to its excellent blend of technology and fashion. Wear it to a tech summit or wear it to a red carpet event you are sure to attract attention.

The Bluetooth ring focuses on usability. It offers workable solutions to everyday problems. It has multiple sensors that work in tandem with Bluetooth, remote controlling and chipset devices. Unlike some of its contemporaries, the smart ring should not to be mistaken for hype. With sound, well-researched and well-drawn out electronics in place, iSmartRing is already past its blueprint stage and quickly cruising to finish its 2nd stage prototyping. This stage validates the tech ring’s tier 2 functionality. The tech ring will be up for crowd funding soon.

iSmartRing is not just a gadget; it is a companion that gently reminds you about your engagements and meetings, wakes you up so you don’t miss an appointment, entertains you when you are ill or tired, controls your electronic gadgets including your music system and television, enables you to answer calls and respond to texts, connects you directly to the social networking sites – all these using the smart ring without needing to have your smart phone in proximity. The fashion ring probes you to lead an active life by telling you to take occasional breaks from work and also alerts you if you accidentally drop or leave behind your smartphone. Does this sound like a scene from a sci-fi movie? Pinch yourself and wake up to the astounding reality that is about to greet you.

Gone are the days when designers were synonymous only with clothing. Technological advancement has successfully engulfed designers in its fold so much so that they are showcasing their creativity through the wearables which also double as beautiful fashion accessories. iSmartRing fits your fingers like a charm and works its magic on your professional and personal life. The fashion ring can be detached and worn as pendant. You are dressed like a diva for your date and the smartphone ring that is now a beautiful matching pendant highlights your persona. Even as you are enjoying your dinner your smart ring reminds you of the important business call that you had to make and you excuse yourself for some time. Note that personal and professional reminders are set on this wearable tech ring using collaborative calendars feature. The powerful Bluetooth ring helps you balance work and pleasure like never before.

The future of iSmartRing is bright and the makers and manufacturers intend to merge health diagnostic elements into the device. Once that happens, this gadget will also be your health keeper and help you lead a fit life. The variety and possibilities of this fashion accessory are many with plenty of room for innovation. It will be priced reasonably for a mass reception and the sellers and manufacturers will offer additional discounts on these rings so that they are durable and dependable. Smartphones are often accused of making you asocial by keeping you engaged in the virtual world. With the unique features in iSmartRing you will bond better with your friends and family even as you remain connected on the web. It will also make you look stylish. Happy days are just round the corner with iSmartRing. So stay tuned on its product updates.


iSmart ring – Make the Most of the Available Technology

Multi-tasking is something that we are accustomed to do these days due of our busy schedules. As a result, we now have access to a variety of products that enable us to multitask in an efficient manner. People everywhere seem to embrace the available, latest technology and try to make the most of it. We are no longer surprised when we see people using Bluetooth for communication purposes to keep pace with their busy lifestyle. Recently, we have also started to see people talking into their smart watch and using it as a phone.

Nonetheless, there are still technological innovations coming our way that have the power to surprise us. The product in question here is designed to redefine multitasking in a way never done before. This product is called the iSmart ring. It is fast catching the attention of not only the gadget lovers and early tech adopters but also common people everywhere through strong word of mouth. iSmart ring is also an extremely fashionable product that you will love to show off to people.

No, this product is yet to be launched in the market. Its production is about to start. The prototype design has been completed and the designers are now looking at crowdfunding to raise money for production. The way the public has responded so far shows that there is a viral effect socially on its news and many are quite excited at the prospects of using this upcoming product. How much will it cost? According to the designers, the product should be available at affordable rates for early buyers.

The iSmart ring is a finger ring. Yes, this is the way it has been designed. And it looks attractive enough for anyone to use it. You can wear it to work and you can wear it to a party! What is so wonderful about this ring? It can change colors. You heard it right. You can change the color of the ring head to make it match with the clothes you wear. This is not all – you can also detach the ring head and wear it as a pendant and also use the option of changing its color.

But this is not why the iSmart ring is deemed special. It is the work that it can do for you that makes it special. Let us list some of the salient features of this ring.

  • The ring can make and receive calls. It has a speaker that can be turned On when you want to speak to someone. There is a special program inside the ring that can dial 911 if you are in an emergency situation.
  • The ring can collaborate with your smartphone. As a result, you can use the ring to click a group photo through your smartphone camera. You can also locate your phone if it is lost somewhere inside your home.
  • The ring can turn TVs and music systems On and Off and can also control their volume.
  • The iSmart ring also sends alarms when a new email is received or when it is time for you to attend a meeting or when you need to exercise. It can recommend exercises as well.

Amazing is the only word that comes to mind when talking about the iSmart ring. The product should be soon launched and it is expected to have a huge success among people of all ages. If you enjoy using technology, we are certain you will make the most of this wonderful product.

iSmart ring – A gadget Worthy of Attention

Smartphones, tablets and laptops were just making room into our busy lifestyle when manufacturers have started to spread the word about the launch of the iSmartRing, a unique gadget that will surprise anyone with its functionality and its elegance.

These smart rings are tech rings that are made to serve two purposes. They can be worn as an elegant accessory that stands out in the crowd. They compete with any traditional jewelry in terms of trendiness. But this is not all. The iSmart ring is designed to do a bit more and it will definitely leave you speechless! These wearable gadgets have Bluetooth incorporated so that you can access your smartphone with them. You can receive texts and other notifications which can be directed to your ring for easy viewing.

The iSmartRing is really smart in terms of its capabilities, design and simplicity. It looks like any other ring and besides serving the same old purpose of ornamentation, it can assist you in so many ways. You can go for a jog wearing the ring and you can actually measure the number of calories burnt. You can sleep wearing the ring and you can see how well you have slept at night. Because of its advanced technology, the iSmartRing can operate any Bluetooth/IR enabled device like the TV, the music system, the laptop etc. It has multiple sensors designed to perform a series of functions. You can track your phone if it is lost or misplaced and you can operate your phone without even touching it.

Another aspect worth mentioning besides its functionality is its elegance and eye catching look. You can wear it round the clock and it goes with any dress on any occasion. It has been built for people who appreciate elegance and style. The iSmartRing is available in various colors and in various shapes and forms. You can wear it as a bracelet or a pendant. It is made of allergy-free plastic. It is also lead-free. It has an intricate surface design akin to jewelry. Micro-electronics technology has been used to give the ring a smart shape and look. iSmartRing has a long-lasting battery life. It is also dust proof.

The iSmartRing also has some mini sensors and active notification panel which let you control, respond to or dismiss any notification. Incoming notifications to iSmartRing can be configured as small vibrations on your finger ring or as beep sounds or as notification lights. When you receive texts or mails on your phone, iSmartRing vibrates and its inbuilt speaker alerts you of notification when you are in a crowded place. iSmartRing is made using advanced electronic technology. It has microcontroller, speaker, flash memory and microphones and it work just like a tiny smartphone. Keep it synced with your phone and let your phone rest while you do everything with iSmartRing.

The software platform it uses is unique and custom made. You will get a few applications tagged with this product. These applications increase the ring’s functional value and ease of use. There will be few websites that sell the iSmartRing when it goes live. You can find it at an affordable, decent price. You can pre-order your ring according to your color choices. It is not often that a single device can perform so many tasks. Nonetheless, we deserve to be surprised and manufacturers have thought about everything when they designed this wonderful ring.

iSmartRing for the smart people

A revolutionary discovery or invention transforms the ways of the world. It stretches the peripheries of our imagination. We have witnessed things and events that were once tagged ‘impossible’. Who thought that computers and smart devices would become indispensable to our lives? Who thought that our professional and personal space would be so completely filled up with these tech gadgets? An invention is considered worthy of mention only when it’s bankable, useful, time-tested, and, in today’s context fashionable.

One such class of a device is an iSmartRing – a smart finger ring device. It is a cool wearable tech gadget that addresses the more mundane, commonplace issues of the day-to-day life, something that none of the other smart devices have attempted till date. iSmartRing delivers optimum performance in all its tasks owing to the complex electronics including speaker, microphone, microcontrollers, LCD, flash memory, sensors etc. But that’s where its complexity ends. iSmartRing has a real, simplistic design. It is a cool, user-friendly device that is fairly simple to handle.

Let’s talk about some common everyday problems that we currently face with our electronic devices? How often do you lose your phone in your house and manage to find it only when your room is turned into a war zone? Can you blame your forgetful mind that left behind your beloved smartphone in a cab or a restaurant and you had to frantically head back in search of your treasured possession? Have you ever desired that you could flick on your television, listen to music and answer your calls and all this without moving an inch to reach out to various gadgets and controls?

The solution has now arrived. The solution is – the ‘iSmartRing’. All of these and many more are solved now with only a flick of finger on the iSmartRing. iSmartRing works as an alarm, finds your phone, manages your entertainment system and even clicks group photographs for you. The ring is always on alert even when you are unmindful. If you have planned a movie night with your family but you are expecting an important work email, set up an email alert rule on the ring through your smart phone interface and enjoy your movie. The ring will inform you once the specific email comes in.

The USP of the iSmartRing is that this revolutionary product is an industry trend setter and is bound to change the dynamics of wearable technology. We all know that fashion conscious men and women take their accessories seriously. iSmartRing is a deadly combination of beauty and brain. It is designed aesthetically to up the fashion quotient of people. You now don’t need to buy different rings to match your dresses. You can change the color of the ring screen to complement each of your dresses. You can detach the ring head and wear it as a pendant. This is a perfect ‘work-to-party accessory’. After a busy day in office, if you plan to catch up with your friends, all you need to do is flaunt your ring after matching its ring face with your little black dress or wear it as a pendant to necklace and you will instantly be the talk of the town.

iSmartRing will be reasonably priced so that it can reach out to most people. Along with the normal metallic gray look, the makers have also designed and introduced a classy premium version that has a silver or gold metallic coating. Never before has a wearable device been invented that is sensitive to your needs and mindful of your style. It comes with a lot of promise and who knows – in the future we might witness proposals being made with this super smart ring and you will be left with no choice but to say ‘I do’ because you can never refuse the irresistible iSmartRing!

iSmart ring promises a better tomorrow

Technology can do anything and you better believe it. If you have read about Aladdin, you would have read about that magic ring that could produce a genie when twisted (this is not the genie that used to come out of the lamp, but another one). Now you have the same magic ring coming to you soon. The iSmart ring is bound to make you believe that there is nothing that cannot be done using technology.

Is it good that technology is ruling so many aspects of our lives? There is divided opinion on this matter. Some people think that technology should do more and some people think that they were better off when they didn’t need to depend on it for performing their regular jobs. The problem with many technological innovations is that they don’t address some of the basic needs that we humans have. The iSmart ring brings in a difference in this matter.

But before we get into the technology part of the iSmart ring, let us place the fact that it is a fashionably designed ring with a detachable head. So, you can wear it as a ring and also detach the head and use it as a pendant. The fashion part comes where you can change the color of the ring head. And this can be done using the ring app. Thus, you always get to wear a ring or pendant that matches the colors of your clothes.

Now let us look at the technology part. There are many functions that the ring can perform and that too with the simple press of a button.

The ring can be used to make and receive calls. The speaker of the iSmart ring needs to be turned on for speaking to someone. The ring can also dial 911 in an emergency situation. The iSmart ring can also be used with the phone camera. If you need to take a group photograph, all you need to do is place your phone on a table after focusing it towards the group. Now join your group and press a button for the smartphone camera to click the photograph of the group.

The iSmart ring can also turn the electronic devices in your home on and off. If you are too tired to reach out to the remote control after coming home from work, just press the button on the ring to turn the music system on. You can also turn your TV on and off and also control its volume.

The iSmart ring can also send out alarms when you set reminders. It can remind you to exercise and also recommend the stretches that you need for your body upon setting calendar alerts. It can even wake you up in the morning.

As you can clearly see, the iSmart ring truly makes it easier for you to manage your life and time. The product is slated to launch soon and will be available at affordable prices. It’s a product that is bound to change the lives of many of us.

Stay ahead of others with iSmart ring

Would our present generation survive without technology? The chances are that it wouldn’t. But then how did our previous generations survive? They did because they had to make do without technology. The current generation has become so dependent on technology and tech gadgets that it will be impossible for the world to move forward without them.

And hats off to the companies that keep bringing in new technologies and hi-tech products to us. Take for example the iSmart Ring – the smart finger ring created by iVariable Corp. It’s an innocuous looking ring that can work like magic. The moment you have this ring on your finger, you can perform jobs with such ease that you would feel impossible to survive a single day without it.

Priced at affordable level, this smart finger ring is different from rest of the modern technological gadgets. The difference is created by the technological leap achieved by the passionate iSmart Ring team. It took them multiple attempts over the years and their diligence has paid off. Driven by the team’s innovative thinking and endless persistence, the smart ring has achieved a proven design and architecture. Its functions are not only appealing but also essential for everyone. The smart ring performs some of the most basic functions with an ease never before seen or experienced in other gadgets.

Some of the basic activities that the iSmart ring is programmed to perform include

• Make and receive calls on your smartphone and speak using the in-built speaker.
• Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
• Find a lost phone by ringing the phone.
• Click photographs using your smartphone camera.
• Turn electronic devices like TVs and music systems on and off and adjust their volumes.
• Alert you to attend meetings or to exercise.

All these activities can be performed using an app that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Once your smartphone and your iSmart ring are paired/connected, there are lots of things that you can do with the ring. You may probably take some time to get used it, but once you know how to operate it, you will just be delighted.

Among many interesting use cases, the ring for example can be perfect for those who face challenges with mobility or those who have been rendered less mobile with age. For an 80-year old person who is suffering from arthritis (i.e., joints pain problem), the ring can help them perform all the above tasks at home without having them to shuffle around. They can lie on their bed/chair and let the ring work its magic.

The iSmart ring is designed attractively to be worn anywhere as an electronic jewelry (finger ring, bracelet, necklace, or as a key chain) and during any occasion. Whether you are at work or attending a party, this ring will look perfect on your dress. You can detach the head of the ring and wear it as a pendant. The iSmart ring app on your smart phone will allow you to change the color of the ring head and match it with the clothes you wear. And then, you have all those special features that you have read above.

The iSmart ring is coming to you soon with different models. The design is complete and the prototype phase is almost complete. Crowdfunding for production pre-orders will be launched soon and manufacturing will start soon after. The announcement about the launch could just be a few weeks away from now.

A Day with iSmartRing – Part 3 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

Carol returns home in evening after an exciting day at work. She has already fallen in love with the iSmartRing worn on her finger. Thomas, her husband has earlier picked their kids Sophia (3 years) and Jude (1 year) from school and daycare respectively and all are at home when Carol arrives. They are all dressed up to go out for family dinner later in the day. Thomas offers Carol a hot coffee as she sinks in couch to relax. She tries to find the TV remotes and setup box remotes to play a show on the TV as she sips her coffee. She doesn’t find any of the remotes. Sophia and Jude were playing with them a while back.

Carol uses her ring to switch on the TV and setup box and change the channels. She then uses the ring to adjust the volume on surround-sound music system connected to her TV and enjoys the TV show. She is happy that the ring could do all functions of a universal remote control. Meanwhile Sophia and Jude find the remotes and give to Carol. Carol smiles and returns back to them saying they can play with remotes. She no longer needs the remotes as the ring does all the functions now.

After relaxing for 20 minutes watching TV with her family, Carol gets ready to go out for family dinner to celebrate her birthday. She wears another new dress now. She has earlier purchased a matching finger ring for her new dress. So she doesn’t need the iSmartRing to match her dress now. But she felt that a necklace matching her dress would greatly complement her dress. She doesn’t have a matching necklace. So she removes the ring head from her iSmartRing and wears it as pendant to necklace with a matching ring face. She feels very attractive now. She silently thanks iSmartRing for being a multi-form, multi-purpose ring and making her birthday the best birthday so far.

Sophia and Jude have stopped playing with remotes. They are playing with Carol’s smartphone. Carol gets ready to leave the house with her family for dinner. She doesn’t find her smartphone. She searches in couch and other places. They are already behind schedule and Carol is upset. She remembers reading the ‘Find my smartphone’ feature of iSmartRing in manual the day before. She now uses the ring to buzz the smartphone. The smartphone rings from under the couch and Carol finds and picks her phone.

The family now drives to a nearby restaurant. At the restaurant, Thomas talks about music and his favorite songs. Carol informs him that she can play the music from her ring. Thomas is excited to hear his favorite song from the ring. Carol browses to the music app on the ring and skips few songs and selects the song that Thomas wants to hear. The music plays from the ring’s speaker. Carol adjusts the volume of the ring’s speaker so that it doesn’t disturb other restaurant customers.

The family returns back home. The day with the iSmartRing has been very exciting for Carol. She is now very tired and wants to hit the bed. She lays down on the bed and sets the ring worn on her finger to monitor her sleep. And goes off to sleep. The sleep monitor app of iSmartRing starts recording her movements to measure her sleep.

A Day with iSmartRing – Part 2 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

As Carol drives to work, she gets a calendar alert on her iSmartRing worn on her finger about a meeting. The meeting was rescheduled to 30 minutes earlier. She checks the time from her ring. She uses the pre-installed watch app on the ring to see the time on the ring. She knows she will be late to meeting and can’t make it. She attends the meeting phone call from the ring as she drives to work.

In office, Carol’s colleagues sees Carol and greet her with birthday wishes. They see her new top and a matching new ring and enquire about the ring. Carol explains with excitement her experience so far with the ring in the day. The colleagues was astonished at the ring’s capability.

While Carol is immersed doing her morning office work typing on her computer, the ring alerts Carol to take a break and do appropriate exercise to relax her finger muscles. The ergonomic app on ring is constantly measuring Carol’s activity. Carol takes a break from her work to have a coffee in the office break room. While in office break room chatting with her colleagues, Carol receives a notification alert on her ring. Her father-in-law has just sent a birthday wishes on her Facebook. The ring’s Facebook notification app has promptly delivered a message notification to the ring.

Carol goes out with her colleagues and her manager for lunch at a restaurant. They want to celebrate Carol’s birthday. Carol’s manager orders a birthday cake for Carol. The waitress brings the cake and leaves before Carol’s colleague could ask her to take a picture of all of them. Carol informs her colleague to keep her smartphone at a distance on table at an appropriate angle and asks everyone to come before the smartphone camera for a picture. She then presses the button the ring stealthily as she posed to cut the cake and takes her birthday picture from the smartphone. Carol has used her left hand to press the button on ring worn on her right hand’s middle finger while she acted to cut the cake with knife using her right hand. Upon pressing of button, the camera app on iSmartRing has initiated the camera on Carol’s smartphone to take a picture. Carol’s manager has enquired Carol about the ring.

While leaving the restaurant, Carol forgets her smartphone at the restaurant table. The ring notifies Carol about her missing smartphone as Carol opens her car door. Carol goes back and fetches her smartphone. The ‘Forgot my smartphone’ feature of iSmartRing has come to Carol’s rescue.


A Day with iSmartRing – Part 1 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

Carol is a working mom having 2 kids – 3 years daughter Sophia and 1 year son Jude. She wakes up from bed in morning to a calm alarm vibration on her finger. The bedside alarm was a problem to Carol since the alarm sound used to wake up her husband Thomas who is a shallow sleeper. She has purchased the iSmartRing the day before and set up an alarm in it. She has also configured many other things on the ring to fully use the ring features from day one.

Carol gets ready and also readies her kids. She is a fashion conscious woman. She always wears latest fashion clothes. Today is a special day for her. It is her birthday. She wears a new top that she has purchased the day before in the mall. She looks for a matching ornament. She doesn’t find one. So she downloads a ring faces app from ring store of iSmartRing and picks a ring face that matches her dress. She now feels complete in her outfit.

She drops Sophia at the nearby school and Jude at a daycare center. While driving, Thomas calls up on her smartphone. Carol picks the call from the ring without taking her hand off the steering wheel. She passes by a vigilant cop standing at his car looking out for traffic offenders. Thomas informs her to go to nearby USPS store and pick a birthday package that his grandmother has sent for her birthday.

Carol goes to the USPS store to pick the packet. It’s been a sunny day. She gets down from the car and starts walking to the store. She forgets to carry her smartphone lying on her car’s dashboard. She feels the heat of Sun. She looks at her ring to see current weather info on the ring. She has downloaded and installed the ‘Weather of the day’ app on her ring the day before.

As she walks to USPS, she sees an old frail man trying to open the door to enter in. She helps him but to her utter shock, the old man collapses in her arm. Carol wants to immediately reach out to 911. She searched for her smartphone and doesn’t find in her pocket. She immediately uses the ring’s 911 emergency call feature and seeks help for the old man. She has saved valuable life-saving minutes. She thanks the ring.