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A unique device blending fashion and technology

Wearable technology is the future forward and a worthy successor of the smartphone frenzy that the world swears by, at present. From watches to glasses to shoes, there already exists an impressive list of wearables and a lot more in the offing with innovators, scientists, tech geeks and designers working as a team. iSmartRing, a smart finger ring stands out among the host of devices due to its excellent blend of technology and fashion. Wear it to a tech summit or wear it to a red carpet event you are sure to attract attention.

The Bluetooth ring focuses on usability. It offers workable solutions to everyday problems. It has multiple sensors that work in tandem with Bluetooth, remote controlling and chipset devices. Unlike some of its contemporaries, the smart ring should not to be mistaken for hype. With sound, well-researched and well-drawn out electronics in place, iSmartRing is already past its blueprint stage and quickly cruising to finish its 2nd stage prototyping. This stage validates the tech ring’s tier 2 functionality. The tech ring will be up for crowd funding soon.

iSmartRing is not just a gadget; it is a companion that gently reminds you about your engagements and meetings, wakes you up so you don’t miss an appointment, entertains you when you are ill or tired, controls your electronic gadgets including your music system and television, enables you to answer calls and respond to texts, connects you directly to the social networking sites – all these using the smart ring without needing to have your smart phone in proximity. The fashion ring probes you to lead an active life by telling you to take occasional breaks from work and also alerts you if you accidentally drop or leave behind your smartphone. Does this sound like a scene from a sci-fi movie? Pinch yourself and wake up to the astounding reality that is about to greet you.

Gone are the days when designers were synonymous only with clothing. Technological advancement has successfully engulfed designers in its fold so much so that they are showcasing their creativity through the wearables which also double as beautiful fashion accessories. iSmartRing fits your fingers like a charm and works its magic on your professional and personal life. The fashion ring can be detached and worn as pendant. You are dressed like a diva for your date and the smartphone ring that is now a beautiful matching pendant highlights your persona. Even as you are enjoying your dinner your smart ring reminds you of the important business call that you had to make and you excuse yourself for some time. Note that personal and professional reminders are set on this wearable tech ring using collaborative calendars feature. The powerful Bluetooth ring helps you balance work and pleasure like never before.

The future of iSmartRing is bright and the makers and manufacturers intend to merge health diagnostic elements into the device. Once that happens, this gadget will also be your health keeper and help you lead a fit life. The variety and possibilities of this fashion accessory are many with plenty of room for innovation. It will be priced reasonably for a mass reception and the sellers and manufacturers will offer additional discounts on these rings so that they are durable and dependable. Smartphones are often accused of making you asocial by keeping you engaged in the virtual world. With the unique features in iSmartRing you will bond better with your friends and family even as you remain connected on the web. It will also make you look stylish. Happy days are just round the corner with iSmartRing. So stay tuned on its product updates.


iSmart ring – Make the Most of the Available Technology

Multi-tasking is something that we are accustomed to do these days due of our busy schedules. As a result, we now have access to a variety of products that enable us to multitask in an efficient manner. People everywhere seem to embrace the available, latest technology and try to make the most of it. We are no longer surprised when we see people using Bluetooth for communication purposes to keep pace with their busy lifestyle. Recently, we have also started to see people talking into their smart watch and using it as a phone.

Nonetheless, there are still technological innovations coming our way that have the power to surprise us. The product in question here is designed to redefine multitasking in a way never done before. This product is called the iSmart ring. It is fast catching the attention of not only the gadget lovers and early tech adopters but also common people everywhere through strong word of mouth. iSmart ring is also an extremely fashionable product that you will love to show off to people.

No, this product is yet to be launched in the market. Its production is about to start. The prototype design has been completed and the designers are now looking at crowdfunding to raise money for production. The way the public has responded so far shows that there is a viral effect socially on its news and many are quite excited at the prospects of using this upcoming product. How much will it cost? According to the designers, the product should be available at affordable rates for early buyers.

The iSmart ring is a finger ring. Yes, this is the way it has been designed. And it looks attractive enough for anyone to use it. You can wear it to work and you can wear it to a party! What is so wonderful about this ring? It can change colors. You heard it right. You can change the color of the ring head to make it match with the clothes you wear. This is not all – you can also detach the ring head and wear it as a pendant and also use the option of changing its color.

But this is not why the iSmart ring is deemed special. It is the work that it can do for you that makes it special. Let us list some of the salient features of this ring.

  • The ring can make and receive calls. It has a speaker that can be turned On when you want to speak to someone. There is a special program inside the ring that can dial 911 if you are in an emergency situation.
  • The ring can collaborate with your smartphone. As a result, you can use the ring to click a group photo through your smartphone camera. You can also locate your phone if it is lost somewhere inside your home.
  • The ring can turn TVs and music systems On and Off and can also control their volume.
  • The iSmart ring also sends alarms when a new email is received or when it is time for you to attend a meeting or when you need to exercise. It can recommend exercises as well.

Amazing is the only word that comes to mind when talking about the iSmart ring. The product should be soon launched and it is expected to have a huge success among people of all ages. If you enjoy using technology, we are certain you will make the most of this wonderful product.