A Day with iSmartRing – Part 1 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

Carol is a working mom having 2 kids – 3 years daughter Sophia and 1 year son Jude. She wakes up from bed in morning to a calm alarm vibration on her finger. The bedside alarm was a problem to Carol since the alarm sound used to wake up her husband Thomas who is a shallow sleeper. She has purchased the iSmartRing the day before and set up an alarm in it. She has also configured many other things on the ring to fully use the ring features from day one.

Carol gets ready and also readies her kids. She is a fashion conscious woman. She always wears latest fashion clothes. Today is a special day for her. It is her birthday. She wears a new top that she has purchased the day before in the mall. She looks for a matching ornament. She doesn’t find one. So she downloads a ring faces app from ring store of iSmartRing and picks a ring face that matches her dress. She now feels complete in her outfit.

She drops Sophia at the nearby school and Jude at a daycare center. While driving, Thomas calls up on her smartphone. Carol picks the call from the ring without taking her hand off the steering wheel. She passes by a vigilant cop standing at his car looking out for traffic offenders. Thomas informs her to go to nearby USPS store and pick a birthday package that his grandmother has sent for her birthday.

Carol goes to the USPS store to pick the packet. It’s been a sunny day. She gets down from the car and starts walking to the store. She forgets to carry her smartphone lying on her car’s dashboard. She feels the heat of Sun. She looks at her ring to see current weather info on the ring. She has downloaded and installed the ‘Weather of the day’ app on her ring the day before.

As she walks to USPS, she sees an old frail man trying to open the door to enter in. She helps him but to her utter shock, the old man collapses in her arm. Carol wants to immediately reach out to 911. She searched for her smartphone and doesn’t find in her pocket. She immediately uses the ring’s 911 emergency call feature and seeks help for the old man. She has saved valuable life-saving minutes. She thanks the ring.