A Day with iSmartRing – Part 2 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

As Carol drives to work, she gets a calendar alert on her iSmartRing worn on her finger about a meeting. The meeting was rescheduled to 30 minutes earlier. She checks the time from her ring. She uses the pre-installed watch app on the ring to see the time on the ring. She knows she will be late to meeting and can’t make it. She attends the meeting phone call from the ring as she drives to work.

In office, Carol’s colleagues sees Carol and greet her with birthday wishes. They see her new top and a matching new ring and enquire about the ring. Carol explains with excitement her experience so far with the ring in the day. The colleagues was astonished at the ring’s capability.

While Carol is immersed doing her morning office work typing on her computer, the ring alerts Carol to take a break and do appropriate exercise to relax her finger muscles. The ergonomic app on ring is constantly measuring Carol’s activity. Carol takes a break from her work to have a coffee in the office break room. While in office break room chatting with her colleagues, Carol receives a notification alert on her ring. Her father-in-law has just sent a birthday wishes on her Facebook. The ring’s Facebook notification app has promptly delivered a message notification to the ring.

Carol goes out with her colleagues and her manager for lunch at a restaurant. They want to celebrate Carol’s birthday. Carol’s manager orders a birthday cake for Carol. The waitress brings the cake and leaves before Carol’s colleague could ask her to take a picture of all of them. Carol informs her colleague to keep her smartphone at a distance on table at an appropriate angle and asks everyone to come before the smartphone camera for a picture. She then presses the button the ring stealthily as she posed to cut the cake and takes her birthday picture from the smartphone. Carol has used her left hand to press the button on ring worn on her right hand’s middle finger while she acted to cut the cake with knife using her right hand. Upon pressing of button, the camera app on iSmartRing has initiated the camera on Carol’s smartphone to take a picture. Carol’s manager has enquired Carol about the ring.

While leaving the restaurant, Carol forgets her smartphone at the restaurant table. The ring notifies Carol about her missing smartphone as Carol opens her car door. Carol goes back and fetches her smartphone. The ‘Forgot my smartphone’ feature of iSmartRing has come to Carol’s rescue.