A Day with iSmartRing – Part 3 of 3

A new world… A new beginning!

A new world… A new beginning!

Carol returns home in evening after an exciting day at work. She has already fallen in love with the iSmartRing worn on her finger. Thomas, her husband has earlier picked their kids Sophia (3 years) and Jude (1 year) from school and daycare respectively and all are at home when Carol arrives. They are all dressed up to go out for family dinner later in the day. Thomas offers Carol a hot coffee as she sinks in couch to relax. She tries to find the TV remotes and setup box remotes to play a show on the TV as she sips her coffee. She doesn’t find any of the remotes. Sophia and Jude were playing with them a while back.

Carol uses her ring to switch on the TV and setup box and change the channels. She then uses the ring to adjust the volume on surround-sound music system connected to her TV and enjoys the TV show. She is happy that the ring could do all functions of a universal remote control. Meanwhile Sophia and Jude find the remotes and give to Carol. Carol smiles and returns back to them saying they can play with remotes. She no longer needs the remotes as the ring does all the functions now.

After relaxing for 20 minutes watching TV with her family, Carol gets ready to go out for family dinner to celebrate her birthday. She wears another new dress now. She has earlier purchased a matching finger ring for her new dress. So she doesn’t need the iSmartRing to match her dress now. But she felt that a necklace matching her dress would greatly complement her dress. She doesn’t have a matching necklace. So she removes the ring head from her iSmartRing and wears it as pendant to necklace with a matching ring face. She feels very attractive now. She silently thanks iSmartRing for being a multi-form, multi-purpose ring and making her birthday the best birthday so far.

Sophia and Jude have stopped playing with remotes. They are playing with Carol’s smartphone. Carol gets ready to leave the house with her family for dinner. She doesn’t find her smartphone. She searches in couch and other places. They are already behind schedule and Carol is upset. She remembers reading the ‘Find my smartphone’ feature of iSmartRing in manual the day before. She now uses the ring to buzz the smartphone. The smartphone rings from under the couch and Carol finds and picks her phone.

The family now drives to a nearby restaurant. At the restaurant, Thomas talks about music and his favorite songs. Carol informs him that she can play the music from her ring. Thomas is excited to hear his favorite song from the ring. Carol browses to the music app on the ring and skips few songs and selects the song that Thomas wants to hear. The music plays from the ring’s speaker. Carol adjusts the volume of the ring’s speaker so that it doesn’t disturb other restaurant customers.

The family returns back home. The day with the iSmartRing has been very exciting for Carol. She is now very tired and wants to hit the bed. She lays down on the bed and sets the ring worn on her finger to monitor her sleep. And goes off to sleep. The sleep monitor app of iSmartRing starts recording her movements to measure her sleep.