iSmart ring – A gadget Worthy of Attention

Smartphones, tablets and laptops were just making room into our busy lifestyle when manufacturers have started to spread the word about the launch of the iSmartRing, a unique gadget that will surprise anyone with its functionality and its elegance.

These smart rings are tech rings that are made to serve two purposes. They can be worn as an elegant accessory that stands out in the crowd. They compete with any traditional jewelry in terms of trendiness. But this is not all. The iSmart ring is designed to do a bit more and it will definitely leave you speechless! These wearable gadgets have Bluetooth incorporated so that you can access your smartphone with them. You can receive texts and other notifications which can be directed to your ring for easy viewing.

The iSmartRing is really smart in terms of its capabilities, design and simplicity. It looks like any other ring and besides serving the same old purpose of ornamentation, it can assist you in so many ways. You can go for a jog wearing the ring and you can actually measure the number of calories burnt. You can sleep wearing the ring and you can see how well you have slept at night. Because of its advanced technology, the iSmartRing can operate any Bluetooth/IR enabled device like the TV, the music system, the laptop etc. It has multiple sensors designed to perform a series of functions. You can track your phone if it is lost or misplaced and you can operate your phone without even touching it.

Another aspect worth mentioning besides its functionality is its elegance and eye catching look. You can wear it round the clock and it goes with any dress on any occasion. It has been built for people who appreciate elegance and style. The iSmartRing is available in various colors and in various shapes and forms. You can wear it as a bracelet or a pendant. It is made of allergy-free plastic. It is also lead-free. It has an intricate surface design akin to jewelry. Micro-electronics technology has been used to give the ring a smart shape and look. iSmartRing has a long-lasting battery life. It is also dust proof.

The iSmartRing also has some mini sensors and active notification panel which let you control, respond to or dismiss any notification. Incoming notifications to iSmartRing can be configured as small vibrations on your finger ring or as beep sounds or as notification lights. When you receive texts or mails on your phone, iSmartRing vibrates and its inbuilt speaker alerts you of notification when you are in a crowded place. iSmartRing is made using advanced electronic technology. It has microcontroller, speaker, flash memory and microphones and it work just like a tiny smartphone. Keep it synced with your phone and let your phone rest while you do everything with iSmartRing.

The software platform it uses is unique and custom made. You will get a few applications tagged with this product. These applications increase the ring’s functional value and ease of use. There will be few websites that sell the iSmartRing when it goes live. You can find it at an affordable, decent price. You can pre-order your ring according to your color choices. It is not often that a single device can perform so many tasks. Nonetheless, we deserve to be surprised and manufacturers have thought about everything when they designed this wonderful ring.