iSmart ring promises a better tomorrow

Technology can do anything and you better believe it. If you have read about Aladdin, you would have read about that magic ring that could produce a genie when twisted (this is not the genie that used to come out of the lamp, but another one). Now you have the same magic ring coming to you soon. The iSmart ring is bound to make you believe that there is nothing that cannot be done using technology.

Is it good that technology is ruling so many aspects of our lives? There is divided opinion on this matter. Some people think that technology should do more and some people think that they were better off when they didn’t need to depend on it for performing their regular jobs. The problem with many technological innovations is that they don’t address some of the basic needs that we humans have. The iSmart ring brings in a difference in this matter.

But before we get into the technology part of the iSmart ring, let us place the fact that it is a fashionably designed ring with a detachable head. So, you can wear it as a ring and also detach the head and use it as a pendant. The fashion part comes where you can change the color of the ring head. And this can be done using the ring app. Thus, you always get to wear a ring or pendant that matches the colors of your clothes.

Now let us look at the technology part. There are many functions that the ring can perform and that too with the simple press of a button.

The ring can be used to make and receive calls. The speaker of the iSmart ring needs to be turned on for speaking to someone. The ring can also dial 911 in an emergency situation. The iSmart ring can also be used with the phone camera. If you need to take a group photograph, all you need to do is place your phone on a table after focusing it towards the group. Now join your group and press a button for the smartphone camera to click the photograph of the group.

The iSmart ring can also turn the electronic devices in your home on and off. If you are too tired to reach out to the remote control after coming home from work, just press the button on the ring to turn the music system on. You can also turn your TV on and off and also control its volume.

The iSmart ring can also send out alarms when you set reminders. It can remind you to exercise and also recommend the stretches that you need for your body upon setting calendar alerts. It can even wake you up in the morning.

As you can clearly see, the iSmart ring truly makes it easier for you to manage your life and time. The product is slated to launch soon and will be available at affordable prices. It’s a product that is bound to change the lives of many of us.