iSmartRing for the smart people

A revolutionary discovery or invention transforms the ways of the world. It stretches the peripheries of our imagination. We have witnessed things and events that were once tagged ‘impossible’. Who thought that computers and smart devices would become indispensable to our lives? Who thought that our professional and personal space would be so completely filled up with these tech gadgets? An invention is considered worthy of mention only when it’s bankable, useful, time-tested, and, in today’s context fashionable.

One such class of a device is an iSmartRing – a smart finger ring device. It is a cool wearable tech gadget that addresses the more mundane, commonplace issues of the day-to-day life, something that none of the other smart devices have attempted till date. iSmartRing delivers optimum performance in all its tasks owing to the complex electronics including speaker, microphone, microcontrollers, LCD, flash memory, sensors etc. But that’s where its complexity ends. iSmartRing has a real, simplistic design. It is a cool, user-friendly device that is fairly simple to handle.

Let’s talk about some common everyday problems that we currently face with our electronic devices? How often do you lose your phone in your house and manage to find it only when your room is turned into a war zone? Can you blame your forgetful mind that left behind your beloved smartphone in a cab or a restaurant and you had to frantically head back in search of your treasured possession? Have you ever desired that you could flick on your television, listen to music and answer your calls and all this without moving an inch to reach out to various gadgets and controls?

The solution has now arrived. The solution is – the ‘iSmartRing’. All of these and many more are solved now with only a flick of finger on the iSmartRing. iSmartRing works as an alarm, finds your phone, manages your entertainment system and even clicks group photographs for you. The ring is always on alert even when you are unmindful. If you have planned a movie night with your family but you are expecting an important work email, set up an email alert rule on the ring through your smart phone interface and enjoy your movie. The ring will inform you once the specific email comes in.

The USP of the iSmartRing is that this revolutionary product is an industry trend setter and is bound to change the dynamics of wearable technology. We all know that fashion conscious men and women take their accessories seriously. iSmartRing is a deadly combination of beauty and brain. It is designed aesthetically to up the fashion quotient of people. You now don’t need to buy different rings to match your dresses. You can change the color of the ring screen to complement each of your dresses. You can detach the ring head and wear it as a pendant. This is a perfect ‘work-to-party accessory’. After a busy day in office, if you plan to catch up with your friends, all you need to do is flaunt your ring after matching its ring face with your little black dress or wear it as a pendant to necklace and you will instantly be the talk of the town.

iSmartRing will be reasonably priced so that it can reach out to most people. Along with the normal metallic gray look, the makers have also designed and introduced a classy premium version that has a silver or gold metallic coating. Never before has a wearable device been invented that is sensitive to your needs and mindful of your style. It comes with a lot of promise and who knows – in the future we might witness proposals being made with this super smart ring and you will be left with no choice but to say ‘I do’ because you can never refuse the irresistible iSmartRing!