Stay ahead of others with iSmart ring

Would our present generation survive without technology? The chances are that it wouldn’t. But then how did our previous generations survive? They did because they had to make do without technology. The current generation has become so dependent on technology and tech gadgets that it will be impossible for the world to move forward without them.

And hats off to the companies that keep bringing in new technologies and hi-tech products to us. Take for example the iSmart Ring – the smart finger ring created by iVariable Corp. It’s an innocuous looking ring that can work like magic. The moment you have this ring on your finger, you can perform jobs with such ease that you would feel impossible to survive a single day without it.

Priced at affordable level, this smart finger ring is different from rest of the modern technological gadgets. The difference is created by the technological leap achieved by the passionate iSmart Ring team. It took them multiple attempts over the years and their diligence has paid off. Driven by the team’s innovative thinking and endless persistence, the smart ring has achieved a proven design and architecture. Its functions are not only appealing but also essential for everyone. The smart ring performs some of the most basic functions with an ease never before seen or experienced in other gadgets.

Some of the basic activities that the iSmart ring is programmed to perform include

• Make and receive calls on your smartphone and speak using the in-built speaker.
• Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
• Find a lost phone by ringing the phone.
• Click photographs using your smartphone camera.
• Turn electronic devices like TVs and music systems on and off and adjust their volumes.
• Alert you to attend meetings or to exercise.

All these activities can be performed using an app that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Once your smartphone and your iSmart ring are paired/connected, there are lots of things that you can do with the ring. You may probably take some time to get used it, but once you know how to operate it, you will just be delighted.

Among many interesting use cases, the ring for example can be perfect for those who face challenges with mobility or those who have been rendered less mobile with age. For an 80-year old person who is suffering from arthritis (i.e., joints pain problem), the ring can help them perform all the above tasks at home without having them to shuffle around. They can lie on their bed/chair and let the ring work its magic.

The iSmart ring is designed attractively to be worn anywhere as an electronic jewelry (finger ring, bracelet, necklace, or as a key chain) and during any occasion. Whether you are at work or attending a party, this ring will look perfect on your dress. You can detach the head of the ring and wear it as a pendant. The iSmart ring app on your smart phone will allow you to change the color of the ring head and match it with the clothes you wear. And then, you have all those special features that you have read above.

The iSmart ring is coming to you soon with different models. The design is complete and the prototype phase is almost complete. Crowdfunding for production pre-orders will be launched soon and manufacturing will start soon after. The announcement about the launch could just be a few weeks away from now.